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Location of Organization/Basic Contact Information:

The Headquarters is in Minneapolis, MN, with satellite offices (employing country directors and staff) in Uganda and Tanzania.  The satellite offices also have directors within the headquarters. 

香蕉视频app网Main Contact information:


122 West Franklin Avenue, Suite 510
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404-2480
Phone: (612) 871-3759
Fax:     (612) 230-3257


Organization Mission Statement:

To improve the health of women, children and their communities around the world.

We envision a world in which communities are organized to improve their own health.  MIHV will be recognized as a center of excellence for community organized health care.  In our work, we will be seen as a trusted partner who honors the strengths and assets of the communities with whom we work.

Core Competencies

What are the basic goals of the organization?

香蕉视频app网Key programs with immigrant and refugee communities are in existence to help health providers and the general public understand the needs of diverse communities.  Right now the organization is working closely with African communities: internationally the offices advocate better health methods, and domestically, programs work on helping international communities understand insurance, doctor’s appointments, child health, community education, family planning, and so forth.  The adjustment from migrating and understanding U.S. healthcare is difficult and MIHV is committed to assisting with that.


香蕉视频app网MIHV is considering translating its work and success to other international communities such as Native American, Mexican and Hmong immigrants.  





Describe a “day in the life” of the organization?  What basically is accomplished by employees and volunteers on a daily basis?


There are different outputs for different workers:

香蕉视频app网Community Health workers conduct visits within the community and are bilingual or fluent in more than one language.  Community Health Workers also often translate materials.

香蕉视频app网Program Directors on a daily basis keeps up with grant proposals and carry-outs, MIHV workers conduct regular meetings with community partners and community agents (networking is extraordinarily important).  Output of educational material is at a premium and MIHV exports educational materials to other areas with concentrated Somali populations. 


Who does this organization employ? (i.e. Graduate degrees; only grant writing background, etc).  Why?

Within the organization, most of the employees have a strong background in public health, and all the employees at the headquarters organization (the program coordinators) right now have MPH’s and MPA’s.  Our community health workers have slightly different requirements: most of them are fluent in more than one language and have a background in medicine and community health methods. 


香蕉视频app网We expect and are looking for international experience.  Understanding of refugee and immigrant communities is very important, and international experience often extends beyond studying abroad. 


Interns are often hired as employees.  Undergrads and grad students are both welcome, and especially students from the School of Public Health. 


Finally, employees must be comfortable with working in diverse communities: low-income, refugee, immigrant, and generally populations that different from ones that the student might be used. 


Where does this organization advertise when there are job openings?


For the last postings (Somali Child Spacing Program) it was posted at the University of Minnesota (graduate job listing) and the job listing page on the MIHV website.  They also send out their advertisements to other listservs such as MN DoH, Health Partners, Hennepin County, MN Council of Nonprofits, etc. which tend then to get circulated. 

香蕉视频app网Rarely postings are listed in newspapers or weekly publications.


香蕉视频app网For international postings, we advertise with CORE (international nonprofit conglomeration), Global Health Council, etc with broad, international networks. 



Staff resumes provided?  YES—a conglomerate of staff background is provided: educational and internship experience of hired staff is available for potential Human Rights workers to peruse. 

{link to resumes}


What are the recommendations from this organization regarding obtaining a career in human rights (especially within the health sphere)? 





1.  Does this organization take volunteers?


What are the expectations/minimum requirements for volunteers in this organization?


The organization actually started with a strong volunteer base.  Although volunteers are no longer sent overseas, volunteers are accepted on a case-by-case basis.  Typically volunteers help with major projects such as annual report mailing and other administrative work. 


2.  Does this organization take interns?


What are the expectations/minimum requirements to obtain an internship with this organization? 


Undergraduate or Graduate/Ph.D. pursuit of degree.   Interns are taken on based on their talents and needs and the kinds of projects available.  Projects come up on an “as needed” basis and depending on talent, an intern will be welcomed.  Interns must be a good fit to the programs needed to be taken on, but there are different projects and programs circulating at all times.   


香蕉视频app网MIHV also does quite a few referrals for qualified applicants to other organizations. 


3.  Are there employment opportunities at this organization? 


What are the basic requirements for this organization for any employee hired to address human rights?


One of the best ways to become employed is experience within the nonprofit community and good word of mouth.   Also, see above for educational requirements.  



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