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Location of Organization/Basic Contact Information:

香蕉视频app网Minneapolis, MN


Resource Center of the Americas
3019 Minnehaha Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55406-1931
(612) 276-0788


Organization Mission Statement:

The Resource Center of the Americas informs, educates and organizes to promote human rights, democratic participation, economic justice and cross-cultural understanding in the context of globalization in the Americas.


What are the basic goals of the organization?

The nonprofit Resource Center of the Americas (of which Americas.Org is a program) is devoted to the notion that everyone, everywhere is entitled to the same fundamental human rights. Our starting point for promoting these rights is learning and teaching about the peoples and countries of the Americas—their history, culture and politics. We focus especially on the global economy, a system in which a minority flourishes while millions of people lack adequate food, shelter and employment.

Every Resource Center program embodies the principle that education and action go hand in hand. Our educational activities and classes combine with our news coverage to provide the public with an alternative source of information. Armed with that as a tool, our organizing programs work to educate and activate the community around key issues. In this way we empower others to work collectively to create social change both in the United States and Latin America.

Who does this organization employ? (i.e. Graduate degrees; only grant writing background, etc).  Why?

Most of the employment is a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with 3-5 years of experience in the particular area advertised.



1.  Does this organization take volunteers?

What are the expectations/minimum requirements for volunteers in this organization?

香蕉视频app网Yes, especially in the fundraising and development areas.


2.  Does this organization take interns?

What are the expectations/minimum requirements to obtain an internship with this organization? 

Yes, especially in the fundraising and development areas.


3.  Are there employment opportunities at this organization? 

What are the basic requirements for this organization for any employee hired to address human rights?


香蕉视频app网The organization employs a number of employees from a number of backgrounds.  Although not all positions are in the direct application of human rights, they are all working towards the promotion of the goals of the Center. 



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